TestComplete Course


TestComplete Course Overview

TestComplete is an automated testing environment for a wide range of application types and technologies, including (but not limited to) Windows, .NET, WPF, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++Builder, Java and Web applications and services.

TestComplete is oriented equally too functional and unit testing. It provides superior support for daily regression testing and supports many other kinds of testing: data-driven testing, distributed testing, and others.

You create tests by recording them or editing test commands in TestComplete panels and editors. Tests can be run from within TestComplete or they can be exported to an external application and run there.

TestComplete recognizes objects and controls in tested applications and offers special commands for simulating user actions with them. It also offers specific checkpoints that let you easily verify the application state during the test run.

If the built-in means are insufficient for simulating user actions on the tested application or checking the application state, you can take advantage of accessing the application’s internal objects, methods and properties to perform the needed tasks.


Test Complete gives testers the ability to create automated tests for Microsoft Windows, Web, Android, and iOS applications.

Manual testers, Automation testers, Test managers, Selenium Testers, Aspirants willing to build their career in the testing.

Basic knowledge of concepts and techniques used in software testing. It is better to have basic knowledge of automation testing.

After completion of course you will get jobs as Test analyst, Automation tester in the companies like Hexaware, cognizant, Hitachi consulting. Franklin Templeton, IBM, Invesco and more.

The main concepts covered overview of Test Complete, Scripting, Test Log, Stores & Checkpoints, NameMapping and Aliases, Test Complete Debugging, Event Handling, Data Driven Testing, Web Testing, Web services Testing, HTTP Load Testing, distributed testing, manual testing and more.

TestComplete Course Syllabus

Overview of Test Complete

  • About the IDE
  • Project Workspace Tab
  • Project Explorer
  • Project Suites and Projects
  • Project Items
  • Workspace
  • Object Browser Tab


  • Script Language Choice
  • Script Project Items
  • The Code Editor
  • Functions in other Units and Projects

Test Log

  • Test Results
  • Log Window
  • Log Structure
  • Logged Images
  • Changing Log Appearance
  • LockEvents
  • Test Log Project Options

Stores & Checkpoints

  • About Stores & Checkpoints
  • Checkpoint Wizard
  • Creating Checkpoints
  • Checkpoints
  • Selecting an Object
  • Property Checkpoint
  • Recommended Usage
  • Object Checkpoint
  • Using Groups within an Object Checkpoint
  • Modifying an Existing Object Checkpoint
  • Region Checkpoint
  • Recommended Usage
  • Table Checkpoint
  • File Checkpoint
  • Recommended Usage
  • XML Checkpoint
  • Updating Checkpoints

NameMapping and Aliases

  • Understanding NameMapping
  • Benefits of Name Mapping
  • Automatic Name Mapping
  • Creating NameMappings
  • Using NameMapping Editor
  • Modifying a Name Mapping
  • Leveraging Name Mappings to Managed Changes to UI

TestComplete Debugging

  • Debugging a Keyword-Driven Test
  • Methods of Starting a Debug Session Contents
  • Exploring the Debugger Windows
  • Call Stack
  • Locals
  • Watch List
  • Breakpoints

Event Handling

  • Using Events
  • Handling Unexpected Windows

Data Driven Testing

  • The DB Table Object
  • Creating Data Driven Keyword Tests
  • DBTable Checkpoint

Web Testing

  • Web Application Testing
  • Understanding TestComplete’s View of Web Applications
  • Internet Explorer Process Nodes
  • The Page Object
  • Object Browser’s Hybrid Mode
  • Web Application Login
  • Web Stores & Checkpoints
  • Web Comparison
  • Web Accessibility

Web Services Testing

  • Overview of Web Services
  • Importing a Web Service
  • Using the Web Services Checkpoint
  • Calling Web Service Functions
  • Object Browser’s Hybrid Mode
  • Web Application Login
  • Web Stores & Checkpoints
  • Web Comparison
  • Web Accessibility

HTTP Load Testing

  • About HTTP Load Testing
  • Recording HTTP Load Tests
  • LoadTesting Project Item Nodes
  • Tasks Editor
  • Tests Editor
  • Creating Load Test Scenarios

Distributed Testing

  • About the Network Suite
  • Setting up a Distributed Test
  • Adding Hosts
  • Creating Jobs
  • Creating Synchronization Points

Manual Testing

  • About Manual Testing
  • Creating a Manual Test
  • Editing the Manual Test Description
  • Adding Steps
  • Running Manual Tests

Low Level Procedures

  • About Low Level Procedures
  • Recording Low Level Procedures

User Forms

  • Using the Designer
  • Calling User Forms in a Keyword Test