SQLBase Course


SQLBase Course Overview

SQLBase Server was an elite SQL database server. It was anything but difficult to introduce, arrange, and control. It has advanced highlights, explanatory referential honesty, support for sight and sound information types, and various exchange isolation levels. It’s elite, multithreaded SQL part handles booking, locking and reserving with shared supports to improve memory use and limit working framework overhead. Information forming, grouped hashed lists, and productive exchange logging expand read/compose throughput. Standard programmed crash recovery, password protection, on-line backup support, and remote checking instruments guaranteed the security and unwavering quality of your database.

Whether you planned to implement a reliable, high-performance networking solution or were a single database user seeking the ultimate flexibility, SQLBase Server was the perfect choice. An adapter was available for integration with the Database Kit.

SQLBase is a fully relational, high performance, embedded database that allows organizations to manage data closer to the customer, where capturing and organizing information is critical. SQLBase integrates very well with many development tools, is highly secure and available for latest operating systems. The integrated tools allow testing for developers and to setup and configure automated maintenance with ease.

Database Administrators (DBAs) System Administrators maintaining and configuring the operating system. This includes maintaining operating system access security. Also, Network Administrators maintaining and configuring the network.

Application Developers building client applications that access databases. You must have database knowledge.

After completion of the course, you might be get hired in big companies like deloitte, Airbus, Apple, Opentext, Boeing as Infrastructure administrator, support engineer and more

There are more topics to be covered as these are main topics: SQLBase Desktop, Configuring SQLBase, Connectivity Administrator, SQL.INI file configuration settings, Running SQLBase Server as an NT service

SQLBase Course Syllabus

Introducing SQLBase

  • What’s new in SQLBase
  • SQLBase Platforms
  • SQLBase packages
  • SQLBase Server package
  • SQLBase Desktop package

Installing and Configuring

  • SQLBase Desktop
  • Configuring SQLBase
  • Connectivity Administrator
  • INI file configuration settings
  • Running SQLBase Server as an NT service
  • Starting and stopping the server
  • Uninstalling SQLBase

Testing your installation

Loading database files into SQLBase