Selenium with C#


Selenium with C# Course Overview

C# is a programming language of Microsoft that enables developers to build a variety of secure and robust application that run on the .NET Framework. We can easily integrate the API or drivers in our C# application and test the Web Application.

Selenium is a free automation testing tool for web applications. It is able to work with different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, opera and simulate human like behavior. Selenium is able to interact with all the different elements in a webpage. It can click on them, input text, extract text and much more. By covering all the different functionalities on your website with Selenium tests, you will be able to quickly catch new and reappearing old bugs. This will save your team time and money.

Selenium with C# is yet another language binding of Selenium WebDriver, but most popularly used like Java. As many people started to work with Selenium and are very focused on one specific language like C#.

Individuals who are interested can take up the course as well as Quality Assurance Professionals, DevOps Professional, Developers, System Integrator.

Have Basic Coding Knowledge – Variables, Simple If statements, Simple For loops. Basic Knowledge in C#

After completion of course you will get jobs as Test analyst, Automation tester in the companies like Capgemini,  JP Morgan chase, pwc and more

The main concepts covered in course are Command types, Using Verifications, Using Asserts, Exporting Test Case/Suite to C#/NUnit, Collapse Selenium Web driver and more

Selenium with C# Course Syllabus


Selenium with C#

  • Collapse Selenium IDE
  • Introduction
  • Record & Playback
  • Command types
  • Using Verifications
  • Using Asserts
  • Exporting Test Case/Suite to C#/NUnit
  • Collapse Selenium Web driver
  • Introduction
  • Setting up new project
  • Project Structure
  • Understanding DOM Structure
  • Finding Elements
  • Assert Types
  • Working with Dynamic Elements (Radio/Checkbox/DropDown/Select Element)
  • Tables and Data grid
  • XPath
  • Embedded JavaScript
  • Cross Platform Browser Testing

Collapse Selenium Framework & Infrastructure

  • Creating Data Driven Tests (XML/DB/Excel)
  • LINQ queries (DDT)
  • Collapse Selenium Server (Optional)
  • What is Selenium Server
  • Intro for Selenium Grid
  • Configuring Selenium Server
  • Grid Configuration
  • Setting up Grid
  • Running a Test in Grid
  • Best Practice Techniques and Structure
  • Error Handling
  • Actions And Alerts