Selenium WebDriver with python Course

Selenium with python Course Overview

Selenium WebDriver Client Library for Python enables us to utilize all the features available with Selenium WebDriver and interact with Selenium Standalone Server to perform automated testing (both remote and distributed testing) of browser-based applications.

Most of the time, we use Java and Eclipse to create a Selenium Web driver project. In this post, we’ll use Python to replace Java and demonstrate how the Selenium Web driver Python integration works to achieve Web UI automation.

Selenium is an open source, and its library is available in different programming languages to perform the Web UI Automation testing, and Python is one of them.

Individuals who are interested can take up the course as well as Quality Assurance Professionals, DevOps Professional, Developers, System Integrator.

Having a basic knowledge of C or Java is beneficial but not mandatory for taking up this course

After completion of course you will get jobs as Test analyst, Automation tester in the companies like fujitsu, Harman, Samsung, Oppo, Analogics and more.

The main topics covered in the course are Getting Started, Navigating, Locating Elements, Waits, Page Objects, Web driver API and more.

Course Syllabus

Environment setup

  • Forms in Web driver access
  • Access Flash content using Python
  • Control Keyboard and Mouse events on web driver
  • Simple Usage
  • Example Explained
  • Using Selenium to write tests
  • Walkthrough of the example
  • Using Selenium with remote WebDriver.


  • Interacting with the page
  • Filling in forms
  • Drag and drop
  • Moving between windows and frames
  • Popup dialogs
  • Navigation: history and location

Locating Elements

  • Locating by Id
  • Locating by Name
  • Locating by XPath
  • Locating Hyperlinks by Link Text
  • Locating Elements by Tag Name
  • Locating Elements by Class Name
  • Locating Elements by CSS Selectors.


  • Explicit Waits
  • Implicit Waits.

Page Objects

  • Test case
  • Page object classes
  • Page elements
  • Locators

Web driver API

  • Exceptions
  • Action Chains
  • Alerts
  • Special Keys
  • Locate elements By
  • Desired Capabilities
  • Utilities
  • Firefox WebDriver
  • Chrome WebDriver
  • Remote WebDriver
  • Web Element
  • UI Support
  • Color Support
  • Expected conditions Support.