Require JS Course


Require JS Course Overview

Require JS is a best tool to assemble different JavaScript files from different modules by which it helps to improve speed and quality of your code.

As Web applications grow in size and complexity, so does the need to manage that complexity in a maintainable way. Especially these days with all the new modern tools and libraries that we use to build our applications, when using Require JS, our JavaScript modules can explicitly specify the modules that they depend on. Require JS will then take care of loading those modules, and once everything is loaded that’s

The module definition is evaluated. Modules can also expose a public API which becomes available to other modules that depend on them.

Require JS is a basic loader, which is used to loads the JavaScript files, it is a framework to manage dependencies between JavaScript files, and in modular programming.

Developers and architects who want to extend their learning and JavaScript knowledge to build web applications will find this course useful.

Requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding.

You will be hired as web developer, application developer, product developer in the companies like wells Fargo, Bank of America, Google, Facebook, Monster, Amazon, and Bank and more.

The main topics covered in the course are Introduction to RequireJS, Defining and Requiring Modules, Loading Remote Modules, Optimization, Configuration Options, Plugins, Unit Testing RequireJS Modules.

Require JS Course Syllabus

Introduction to RequireJS

  • Getting Started With RequireJS
  • Introduction to the Sample Project
  • Downloading and Including RequireJS

Defining and Requiring Modules

  • Using External Libraries as Dependencies
  • Asynchronous Module Definition
  • Defining AMD Modules
  • The Module Design Pattern
  • Define the Remaining Modules
  • Simplified CommonJS Wrapper

Loading Remote Modules

  • Define Remote Modules
  • Using Subdirectories
  • Performance Implications of Remote Modules


  • Build Environment and Running r.js
  • Optimization Result
  • Debugging and Source Maps
  • Build Profiles

Configuration Options

  • Base Url
  • Paths
  • Shim
  • Config
  • WaitSeconds
  • Deps and Callback
  • UrlArgs


  • Text Plugin
  • Handlebars Plugin
  • Custom Plugin

Unit Testing RequireJS Modules

  • Jasmine
  • Testing RequireJS Modules
  • Squire