Ranorex Testing Course


Ranorex Testing Course Overview

Ranorex Studio empowers testers with a complete toolset for end-to-end testing of desktop, web and mobile applications in a single license. Automate tests on a Windows desktop, and then execute them locally or remotely, on real iOS or Android mobile devices or on simulators/emulators. Run tests in parallel and accelerate cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more. With Ranorex Studio, you and your team will spend less time resolving issues with unstable tests and more time assessing the quality of your application.

Easy-to-use tools and a built-in methodology enable testers to create modular automation scripts that are efficient and maintainable, regardless of programming expertise.  Reach your test automation goals faster with Ranorex Studio.

The Ranorex Tools provide test automation for multiple environments, devices and software applications. They reduce test automation maintenance and offer complete flexibility Script-free testing for non-programmers, a professional API for C# and VB.NET and seamless integration of Ranorex into existing environments.

Individuals who are interested can take up the course as well as Quality Assurance Professionals, DevOps Professional, Developers, System Integrator.

Individual should have knowledge on automation testing and other testing related skills

After completion of course you will get jobs as Test analyst, Automation tester in the companies like TCS, oracle, IBM, Intel and more.

The important concepts covered in the course are Tools and Agents, Licensing, Ranorex Studio, Collapse Projects, Test Suite Projects, Module Libraries, Naming Conventions, Collapse Test Suites, Editing Test Suites, Test Cases, Setup and Tear down and more

Ranorex Testing Course Syllabus


  • Introduction
  • Tools and Agents
  • Licensing
  • Ranorex Studio
  • Collapse Projects
  • Test Suite Projects
  • Module Libraries
  • Naming Conventions
  • Collapse Test Suites
  • Editing Test Suites
  • Test Cases
  • Setup and TearDown

Collapse Recording Modules

  • Working with the Recorder
  • Mouse and Keyboard Actions
  • Validations
  • Additional Actions
  • Collapse Working with Data
  • Variables and Parameters
  • Using Data Sources

Collapse Running Tests

  • Configurations
  • Reports
  • Errors
  • Collapse Repositories
  • Editing the Repository
  • The RanoreXPath
  • Using the Spy
  • Tweaking Repositories
  • Collapse Advanced Modules
  • Recording Modules
  • Module Groups
  • Code Modules
  • Refactoring Modules
  • Collapse Enhancing Tests
  • Improving Object Recognition
  • Optimizing Test Speed