Oracle 12c Course


Oracle 12c Course Overview

Oracle Autonomous Database, which builds upon decades of database platform optimization and automation, incorporates emerging technologies, including machine learning, to deliver a fully autonomous database.

Oracle Autonomous Database is self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing. These innovations eliminate complexity, human error, and manual management, and ensure higher reliability, greater security, and more operational efficiency at the lowest cost. Oracle’s autonomous capabilities help IT staff transform IT operations into a modern cloud platform model by enabling them to focus on higher-value activities versus time-consuming database management tasks.

From past database platforms, including Oracle Database 12c, to today’s latest and industry-leading Oracle Database 19c, Oracle has continued to provide industry-leading, on-premises and cloud-based solutions and products to meet data management requirements for organizations of all sizes.

Oracle 12c is a version of the Oracle Database. The “c” stands for “cloud” to indicate that 12c is “cloud enabled”. It features a new multi-tenant option that will help companies to consolidate databases into private or public clouds.

Programmers and Database Administrators. Also individual as graduates can take up the course.

No prior knowledge required. Individual who have database knowledge is easier to take the course.

Get a job as an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA). If you want to become an Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA), this course is right for you.

This course comprises of concepts Architecture, Software Installation & Database Creation, Multitenant database administration, Backup & Recovery in Multitenant Databases, Database Upgrade and more.

Oracle 12c Course Syllabus


  • Overview of Oracle Database 12c
  • Oracle Database Architecture: Overview
  • Oracle Database Instance Configurations
  • Connecting to the Oracle Database Instance
  • Oracle Database Memory Structures and Process Architecture
  • Database Storage Architecture
  • Pluggable databases and container databases
  • Difference between 11g and 12c

Software Installation & Database Creation

  • Planning
  • Hardware and OS pre-requisites
  • Database creation: CLI & DBCA
  • Understanding Oracle Services

Multitenant database administration

  • Create a PDB from the seed PDB
  • Connect to a CDB and to a PDB
  • Manage CDBs and PDBs
  • Start up and shutdown a CDB
  • Open and Close PDBs
  • Pluggable Database Storage Management
  • Pluggable Database Memory Management
  • Understanding 12c dictionary views
  • Security concepts in Pluggable Databases
  • Oracle Database New Features

Multitenant database administration II

  • Convert a Non-CDB to a PDB
  • Unplugging and Plugging Multitenant Databases
  • Remote cloning of Non-CDB
  • Cloning Pluggable Databases
  • PDB Snapshot Clone
  • Cloning Alternatives

Backup & Recovery in Multitenant Databases

  • Backups
  • Recovery
  • Recovery Basics revisited
  • Handling redo log failures
  • Recovery use cases
  • Point In Time Recovery

Database Upgrade

  • Upgrade Methodology
  • Routine Patching: OPatch
  • Ensuring Plan Stability Post Upgrade
  • Testing the Upgrade
  • Introduction to EM Express to manage 12c Databases