iPhone training Course


iPhone training Course Overview

The course helps on building iOS Apps for non-programmers from Infinite Skills teaches the absolute beginner how to build fully functional iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. This course assumes no prior programming or iOS development experience.

You start the course with an introduction to Xcode, including learning to use the Xcode text editor, running your app in the simulator, and accessing documentation. You will then get familiar with Objective-C, covering topics such as objects, classes, and using frameworks and design patterns. This iOS tutorial will also show you how to use interface controls, animate the main view, and add user preferences and interface methods. Tony will teach you about adding iPhone interface objects, design an iPad experience, and testing the iPhone and iPad interface. Finally, you will learn to prepare your app for distribution, including adding icons and launch images and managing your apps in the App Store.

This course teaches the absolute beginner how to build fully functional iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Anyone interested in iOS who want to develop apps. Individuals who want pursue career in iOS development.

No skills required to take up the course. Must have an idea of programming.

You will be hired as iOS developer in the companies like ICICI, DBS, Paytm, Zomato, Reliance JIO and more.

Introduction, Objective-C 2.0, device info, View based application, alerting users controls, text controls, Files and Media, Utility Application, Tab Bar Application, Navigation-Based Application, Networking and more.

iPhone training Course Syllabus


  • I OS SDK: I Phone, iPod Touch, iPad
  • X code
  • Interface Builder
  • iPhone Simulator
  • Debugger

Objective-C 2.0

  • Classes
  • Protocols
  • Messages
  • Properties
  • NS Object
  • NS Classes
  • UI Classes Window-Based Application
  • Application
  • Application Delegate
  • Window
  • Timer

Device Info

  • Screen
  • CGRect, CGPoint, CGSize
  • CGRectMake(), CGRectZero
  • Static Device Info
  • Dynamic Device Info
  • Orientation Info

View-Based Application

  • View
  • View Hierarchy
  • View Controller
  • View Rotation
  • Interface Builder

Alerting Users

  • Alert View
  • Alert View Delegate
  • Action Sheet
  • Action Sheet Delegate



  • Controls
  • Labels
  • IB Outlet
  • Buttons
  • IB Action
  • Interface Builder

Text Controls

  • Text Field
  • Text Field Delegate
  • Text View
  • Text View Delegate Tables
  • Table View Controller
  • Table View
  • Table View Cell
  • Data Source
  • Table View Delegate

Files and Media

  • NS Home Directory (), etc.
  • Bundles
  • Resource Files
  • Read/Write Text Files
  • Audio Services
  • Audio Player (AV Audio Player)

Utility Application

  • Application Controllers
  • Main View
  • Flipside View
  • Animation
  • Button Handling

Tab Bar Application

  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • Tab Bars
  • First View Controller
  • Second View Controller
  • Creating New Classes
  • Classes and Interface Builder

Navigation-Based Application

  • Root View Controller
  • Navigation Controller
  • Navigation Bars
  • Navigation Items
  • Button Bar Items
  • Push/Pop Views


  • SC Network
  • CF Socket
  • Berkeley Sockets
  • Web Server

Phone Fun

  • Proximity Sensor
  • Vibration


  • Accelerometer
  • Location Service