HTML5 Course


HTML5 Course Overview

HTML5 is one of the web innovations and is broadly picking up acknowledgment crosswise over mobile and web. In our course you get a complete idea about which can kick you off on application development for HTML5. In our course you chip away at real time examples and experience imperative ideas required for through information.

In our course you will begin with essential HTML labels. You will figure out how to make HTML sites and use CSS in your work before we begin talking about HTML5. We don’t accept any earlier learning so we experience the ideas from the beginner perspective. In our HTML5 addresses we begin with new labels and structures. We at that point bit by bit move to launch themes like Drag and Drop and Multimedia. We tail it with troublesome themes like Geolocation, Web Storage and Application reserve. This course makes simple to get a handle on precedents for every one of the ideas and before the finish of it you will almost certainly comprehend the total picture as opposed to simply odds and ends of the innovation.

It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows the building of more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications.

Everyone can learn the language to build their websites dynamically. Graduates who pursued earlier can take the course to make in development side.

No skills required. It is an entry level course for students.

After completion of course you can become a web developer and designer in IT companies like Adobe, Polaris, Amdocs and many more.

The main concepts covered are overview of HTML5, HTML Elements, HTML5 Multimedia, HTML5 Graphics Canvas, and HTML5 Local storage, HTML 5 Animation Canvas, HTML5 Geo-location, HTML5 Drag and Drop, Html5 Features

HTML5 Course Syllabus

Introduction of HTML

Overview of HTML5

  • HTML5 document structure
  • HTML5 support validation
  • HTML5 new elements

HTML Elements

  • New input types
  • New attributes
  • New form elements

HTML5 Multimedia

  • Working with audio and video
  • Controlling audio and video with JavaScript

HTML5 Graphics Canvas

  • Getting started with Canvas
  • Drawing lines
  • Color and transparency
  • Shapes
  • Drawing images
  • Rendering text

HTML5 Local storage

  • What, why and when
  • Creating HTML 5 offline web application
  • Web storage
  • Local storage
  • Session storage

HTML 5 Animation – Canvas

  • Essentials of HTML 5 Animation
  • Creating animation using sequence of Images in HTML 5 Canvas
  • Controlling animation on user interaction

HTML5 Geo-location

  • What, why and when
  • Using geo-location API

HTML5 Drag and Drop

  • Dragging and dropping HTML element

Html5 Features

  • Offline
  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • 2D/Graphics
  • Audio/Video
  • Presentation
  • File Access, Sematics
  • Nuts & Bolts