Data Science Plotly Numby Training Online

What you’ll learn Understand the Scientific Python Ecosystem Understand Data Science, Pandas, and Plotly Learn basics of NumPy Fundamentals Learn Advanced Data Visualization Learn Data Acquisition Techniques Linear Algebra and Matrices “Introduction Audience and Prerequisites Course Contents and Topics Overview Please leave your feedback Scientific Python Ecosystem URLs to the important projects in SciPy ecosystem […]

Python Machine Learning Course

What you’ll learnMaster Machine Learning using PythonDemystify Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data ScienceML Business Solution BlueprintExplore Spyder, Pandas and NumPyImplement Data Engineering and Data AnalysisIntroduction to Statistics and Probability DistributionsUnderstand Supervised and Unsupervised LearningImplement Simple & Multiple Linear RegressionRegression & Classification Model EvaluationCross Validation, Hyperparameter, Ensemble Modeling, Random Forest & XGBoost “IntroductionPPTOverview of ContentsThe Bigger […]

Data Science with SPSS Training Online

What you’ll learnPerform advanced linear regression using predictor selection techniquesPerform any type of nonlinear regression analysisMake predictions using the k nearest neighbor (KNN) techniqueUse binary (CART) trees for prediction (both regression and classification trees)Use non-binary (CHAID) trees for prediction (both regression and classification trees)Build and train a multilayer perceptron (MLP)Build and train a radial basis […]

Python Data Visualization Training

What you’ll learnMake a Credit Card Fraud Detection Model in Python. Learn how to keep your data safe!Learn TensorFlow and how to build models of linear regressionLearn how to code in Python, a popular coding language used for websites like YouTube and Instagram.Create basic line and scatter plots with Matplotlib 1.5.Read finance data directly from […]

Machine Learning with R Training Course

What you’ll learnLearn what is Data Science and how it is helping the modern world!What are the benefits of Data Science and Machine LarningAble to Solve Data Science Related Problem with the Help of R ProgrammingWhy R is a Must Have for Data Science , AI and Machine Learning!Right Guidance of the Path if You […]

Data Science Neural Networks Course

What you’ll learnBasics of neural networksHopfield networksConcrete implementation of neural networksBackpropagationOptical character recognition “Introduction “Neural Networks IntroductionAxons and neurons in the human brainModeling human brainLearning paradigmsArtificial neurons – the modelArtificial neurons – activations functionsARTICLE: activation functionsArtificial neurons – an exampleNeural networks – the big pictureApplications of neural networks “Hopfield Neural NetworkHopfield neural network introductionHopfield network […]

Data Science Machine Learning Course

What you’ll learnUnderstand and implement K-Nearest Neighbors in PythonUnderstand the limitations of KNNUser KNN to solve several binary and multiclass classification problemsUnderstand and implement Naive Bayes and General Bayes Classifiers in PythonUnderstand the limitations of Bayes ClassifiersUnderstand and implement a Decision Tree in PythonUnderstand and implement the Perceptron in PythonUnderstand the limitations of the PerceptronUnderstand […]

R Programming with Data Science Training

What you’ll learnExplore R language from basic fundamentals to advanced topicsCreate and master the manipulation of vectors, lists, dataframes, and matricesDeep understanding of core programming, metaprogramming, and object-oriented programming concepts and best practices in itMake and customize various types of charts in base graphics for exceptional data representationPerform univariate analysis and do statistical testsWork on […]