Analytix DS Course


Analytix DS Course Overview

Large enterprises use thousands of unharvested, undocumented databases, applications, ETL processes and procedural code that make it difficult to gather business intelligence, conduct IT audits and ensure regulatory compliance. Cataloging and documenting operational systems, processes and the associated data at rest and in motion has been a time-consuming, manual effort that introduces errors and data quality issues without providing the necessary real-time intelligence.

Analytix Mapping Manager is a feature rich and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) application which allows users to create, version and manage ‘standards based’ enterprise source to target mapping specifications for integration projects. The application has built in features to better manage the analysis and requirements aspects of the project along with various levels of documentation approvals for Systems Development Methodology (SDM) compliance and project delivery standards.

 Analytix Mapping Manager enables users to automatically connect to, upload and import relational database metadata (technical and business), upload and share and collaborate on shared documents at many levels (the project, the system, the mapping specification) and dynamically build source to target mapping specifications by dragging and dropping data elements from the metadata browser.

AnalytiX Data Services is a software vendor that provides specialized data mapping and ETL conversion tools for data integration, data management, enterprise application integration and big data software and services.

Anyone who is working on Maintenance project where the underlying ETL tool is Ab Initio. Anyone who wanted to better their ETL skill sets by learning the happening tool in the Market. Knowledge in the database and/or data warehouse.

Knowledge about different components and its purpose. Build a graph adhering the business requirement. How to blend different tools for different requirement. Complete understanding of Data Warehousing and ETL terminologies.

You will be hired as data analyst, ETL developer in the companies like AtoS, Ctrl, Binary Semantics Ltd, TechAxes and more.

Introduction to Analytix, Importing Metadata for a System Environment, Creating and Managing Mapping Specifications, Deleting Rows from the Mapping Specification Data Grid, Performing Impact Analysis, Versioning, Base-Lining and Mapping Comparison

Analytix DS Course Syllabus

Introduction to Analytix

  • About Analytix Mapping
  • Mapping Manager Modules
  • Getting Started – Preparing the Analytix Mapping Manager Environment
  • Verify Web Browser Settings
  • Viewing Available Security Roles (Role-Based Security)
  • Creating Users and Assigning Permissions
  • Creating a Project
  • Define Systems, Upload System Metadata
  • Defining a System

 Importing Metadata for a System Environment

  • Upload System Metadata using MS Excel metadata Upload template
  • Import MS Excel Metadata Column Definitions
  • Adding Enhanced Business and Technical Properties
  • Print System Reports
  • Create and Manage Subject Areas
  • Create a Subject Area
  • Delete a Subject Area

Creating and Managing Mapping Specifications

  • Define Transformations (Drive Enterprise Mapping Standards)
  • Define Enterprise Transformations
  • Manually Enter Enterprise Transformations
  • Upload/Export Enterprise Transformations
  • Deleting Enterprise Transformations
  • View Audit Trail and Change History for Transformations
  • Create and Manage Mapping Specifications
  • Fully Metadata Driven Mapping Approach (Drag & Drop)
  • Manually enter (free form)
  • Creating One-to-Many and Many-to-Many Mapping Specification Data Grid

Deleting Rows from the Mapping Specification Data Grid

  • Clearing the Source/Target Details in the Mapping Specification Data Grid
  • Custom Formatting the Mapping Specification Data Grid
  • Preview Data from Actual Databases
  • Upload Mapping Specifications from ADS Template
  • Mapping Specification Upload Template – Metadata Definitions
  • Viewing, locking and unlocking mapping specification
  • Adding Mapping Details
  • Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop Mappings from one Project/Subject Area to another
  • To Copy/Paste a Mapping Specification
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop a Mapping Specification
  • Using the User defined Flex-Fields

Performing Impact Analysis

  • Running the Impact Analysis Report (Table and Column Impact)
  • Exporting Mapping Specifications
  • Export an Individual Mapping Specification
  • Export All Mapping Specifications at the Project Level
  • Export Mapping Specification as an XML/DTSX file

Versioning, Base-Lining and Mapping Comparison

  • Create a New Version
  • Create a New Base-line Version
  • Deleting a Mapping Specification & Rolling Back Changes to a Previous Version
  • Mapping Comparison (Compare a Mapping Specification to another Mapping Specification)
  • Create and Maintain Data Dictionaries
  • Entering and Maintaining Data Dictionaries
  • Export and Update Data Dictionaries at the system level
  • Upload ETL Jobs as a Data Mapping Specification
  • UpLoad ETL XML File as a Data Mapping Specification (Reverse Engineer an ETL Job)