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What you’ll learn
SAlesforce apex development
Salesforce Platform developer 1
Salesforce triggers
Visualforce pages
Salesforce integration

“Introduction to Apex Programming
How to Write a class and method in Apex 
Sales object Query Language

“DML and Triggers in Apex
Performing DML on Sobjects 
DML contd- using objects and lists 
DML contd.- Governor limits in detail 
DML contd.Database Class ,transaction management and more 
DML contd. Exception handling in apex 
DML contd. Introduction to Triggers 
DML contd. Triggers contd. 
DML contd. -Aspect oriented prograaming using trigger handler class 

“Visualforce Pages
Introduction to Visualforce pages

“Testing Framework and test Classess in apex
Writing Test Classes in Apex 

“Advanced Apex

“Integration in salesforce

“Practise Project ,sample code and questionbank
Please complete the business rules mentioned
SAmple Code
Questions on Apex
More Questions on Apex