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What you’ll learn
Explore R language from basic fundamentals to advanced topics
Create and master the manipulation of vectors, lists, dataframes, and matrices
Deep understanding of core programming, metaprogramming, and object-oriented programming concepts and best practices in it
Make and customize various types of charts in base graphics for exceptional data representation
Perform univariate analysis and do statistical tests
Work on a full-scale data analysis project
Write readable and expressive code using pipes from magrittr and dplyr™s verbs

“Quick Start
Course Introduction
Getting started with R
Introducing R
The need for R
Installing R 
Installing RStudio 
Installing packages 

“Basic Objects
What are basic objects?
Data types and data structures
Random numbers, rounding, and binning 
Missing values 
The which() operator 

“Managing Your Workspace
What is workspace? How to manage it?
R’s working directory
Inspecting the environment
Modifying global options
Managing the library of packages

“R Essentials
Set operations 
Sampling and sorting 
Check conditions 

“Dataframes and Matrices
Importing and exporting data
Matrices and frequency tables
Merging dataframes
Melting and cross tabulations with dcast()

“Basic Expressions
What are basic expressions?
Assignment expressions
Conditional expressions
Loop expressions

“Working with Built-in Functions
How to work with built-in functions?
Using object functions
Using logical functions
Using math functions
Applying numeric methods
Using statistical functions
Using apply-family functions

“Working with Strings
Getting started with strings
Formatting date/time
Using regular expressions

“Working with Data
Reading and writing data
Analyzing data

“Core Programming
String manipulation 
Debugging and error handling 

Inside R

Understanding lazy evaluation

Understanding the copy-on-modify mechanism
Understanding lexical scoping
Understanding how an environment works

Understanding functional programming
Computing on language

Object-Oriented Programming
Introducing object-oriented programming
Working with the S3 object system
Working with S4
Working with the reference class
Working with R6

Making Plots with Base Graphics
Creating and customizing an R plot 
Drawing plots with 2 Y axes 
Multiplots and custom layouts 
Creating basic graph types 

Statistical Inference
Univariate analysis 
Normal distribution, central limit theorem, and confidence intervals 
Correlation and covariance 
Chi-sq statistic 
Statistical tests 

R Very Own Project

Dplyr and Pipes
Pipes with magrittr
The seven data manipulation verbs
Aggregation and special functions
Two table verbs
Working with databases

Understanding basics, filter, and select
Understanding syntax, creating and updating columns
Aggregating data, .N, and .I
Chaining, functions, and .SD
Fast loops with set(), keys, and joins