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What you’ll learn
Learn the core concepts of Cloud Computing and Quantum Computing
Learn the types of clouds.
Learn about IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
Learn Cloud Computing Planning, Cloud Security and Cloud Operations
Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce, and Office 365
How does quantum computing work


“Cloud Computing Basics
What is cloud computing
Basic Concepts
IaaS clouds
SaaS clouds
PaaS clouds
IaaS use case

“Cloud Computing Planning
Identify which apps and data to move
Understand the TCO
Migration planning
Cloud provider and security
Cloud project

“Cloud Security and Operations
Cloud security
Technology and operations
Cloud operations
Technology and toolsets
Monitoring and management

“Quantum Computing
The current computing age
The third industrial revolution
Classical computing
Next generation of computing
Understanding quantum
Brief timeline of quantum research
What is quantum computing
Superposition: The core idea in quantum computing
Quantum computing research
Examples of quantum computing implementations
Quantum computing applications now and in the future
Opportunities for enterprises and individuals
Quantum computing in the fourth industrial revolution
Next steps