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What you’ll learn
API development using NestJS
Connecting Angular App to Node NestJS Backend
Building a full stack Angular and NestJS application
Using MongoDB with Mongoose for data persistence
Use NestJS as a NodeJS Framework
Building a complete CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Application
Using Swagger for API Documentation

“Getting Started
Introduction to Course
Introduction to NestJS
Introduction to Angular
Setup Development Environment

“Building Rest API with NestJS
Installing Nest CLI
Creating New Project with Nest CLI
Running the project
Project Structure
Creating First Route
Creating Controller
Creating Service
Making Post Request
Adding Interface
Setup OpenAPI (Swagger)
Working on Http Requests
Debugging Nest CLI Application
Enabling CORS

“Working With MongoDB
Connecting to MongoDB Database
Adding Environment Variables
Adding Quotes Module
Adding Quotes Schema
Creating a Quote
Adding CRUD Functionality

“Logging and Validation
Logging the Output
Adding Logger Middleware
Catching Quote Not Found
Create Quote Validation Mongoose

“Getting Started With Frontend
Installing Angular CLI
Creating New Application
Running the Application
Angular Project Structure

“Working on the UI
Installing Angular Material
Adding Material Module
Creating Menu
Working on the Home Page
Adding Lazy Loading Module
Working on Quotes Page UI
Displaying Multiple Quotes
Getting Author Initials
Adding Random Avatar Background

“Connecting to NestJS API Backend
Creating a Service
Displaying Data
Unsubscribing From Subscription
Using async Pipe
Creating Interface
Using tap Operator
Using Environment Variables
Updating Home Page

“Finishing CRUD
Adding Create Quote Component
Working on Create Quote UI
Sending POST Request
Angular Form Validation
Editing a Quote
Deleting a Quote
Adding Material Snackbar

Connecting to Cloud MongoDB Atlas
Deploying NestJS to Heroku
Deploying Angular App to Netlify

“Course Roundup