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What you’ll learn Understand the Scientific Python Ecosystem Understand Data Science, Pandas, and Plotly Learn basics of NumPy Fundamentals Learn Advanced Data Visualization Learn Data Acquisition Techniques Linear Algebra and Matrices “Introduction Audience and Prerequisites Course Contents and Topics Overview Please leave your feedback Scientific Python Ecosystem URLs to the important projects in SciPy ecosystem “Install and Verify Python 3 on Windows Python 3 on Windows Verify the installation “Python 3 on Raspberry Pi What is Raspberry Pi? Unboxing of Raspberry Pi Web URLs for the download Remote connection with VNC Linux commands used in the section Python on Raspberry Pi Raspbian OS “Basics of Python 3 Hello World! on Windows Hello World! on Raspberry Pi Python: Interpreter mode vs Script Mode IDLE RPi Vs PC vs Mac “PyPI and pip Python Package Index and pip “Install NumPy and Matplotlib Install NumPy and Matplotlib on a Windows Computer Install NumPy and Matplotlib on Raspberry Pi “Jupyter Notebook Jupyter and IPython Jupyter on Windows Jupyter on Raspberry Pi Remote connection with PuTTy Connecting to Remote Jupyter Notebook A brief tour of Jupyter Notes of Jupyter Installation and Remote Connection “Getting Started with NumPy Introduction to NumPy Ndarrays, Indexing, and Slicing Ndarray Properties NumPy constants NumPy Datatypes “Creation of Arrays and Matplotlib Ones and Zeros Matrices What is Matplotlib? Numerical Rages Visualised “Random Sampling Array Manipulation Routines Array Manipulation Routines Bitwise Operations Statistical Functions Plotting in detail Single Line Plots Multi Line Plots Grid Axes and Labels Color Line Markers Installing SciPy and Pandas Introduction to SciPy Install SciPy on Windows Install SciPy on Raspberry Pi What is Pandas Install Pandas on Windows Install Pandas on Raspberry Pi Matrices and Linear Algebra Dot Products Vector Dot Products Inner Products QR Decomposition Determinant and Solving Linear Equations Improved Linear Algebra with SciPy Data Acquisition with Python, NumPy, and Matplotlib Plain Text File Handling CSV File Handling Handling Excel File NumPy file format NumPy CSV File Matplotlib CBook Python and MySQL MySQL Windows Installation Getting Started with MySQL and SQL Workbench Install SQL Developer on Windows Connect to MySQL with SQL Developer Exploring SQL Workbench Connect MySQL with Python 3 Execute DDL INSERT SELECT UPDATE DELETE DROP Series and DataFrame in Pandas Pandas Series Pandas Dataframe Data Acquisition with Pandas Read CSV Read Excel Read JSON Pickles Pandas and Web Read SQL Clipboard Plotly Basics Installation and Version Checking Scatter Plot Bubble Chart Line Plots Area Plots Bar Charts Horizontal Bar Charts Gantt Chart Pie Chart Table Visualization Multiple Visualization Data Transformation Filters Group By Aggregate NumPy and Plotly NumPy arrays Linspace arrange and meshgrid Array modification routines Array Operations Visualizing Random 2-Norm of array Plotly and Pandas Scatter Plots Line Charts Bar Charts Error Bar Box Plot Basic Histogram 2D Histogram Inset Plots Gantt Chart Tables Downloadable Contents