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What you’ll learn
Develop a fully scalable solution on Azure using PaaS services to easily manage the traffic peaks of your users
Design your application™s architecture as Cloud-Native and asynchronous in nature to save costs and earn more
Deploy your solution as a web app, a container, or a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster
Forget about the operation of a website and focus more on business leads
Deploy databases and caching solutions on Azure to save costs and protect yourself from DDoS and other attacks
Develop your customer-centric engagement and retention solutions using best in class AI and machine learning solutions on Azure, so you can reach them quickly, even on vacation
Secure your web application with Azure AD, an Identity-as-a-Service service, enabling you to authenticate your users and secure user data in a GDPR world
Safely balance a load of your traffic across several nodes on the cloud or off the cloud, so that you can provide the best experience to your users even during the sales

“Going Cloud Native
The Course Overview 
What Is as a Service Model? 
IaaS vs PaaS 
Cloud Native Architecture for PaaS 
Prerequisite Installs 
Building a Cloud Native App with Node.js 
Deployment as Web Apps versus Containers 
Testing and What™s Next? 

“Data Layer on Cloud
Understanding Database as a Service 
MongoDB for PaaS on Azure 
Application Data on Azure Storage 
Azure CDN for Caching and Replication 
Session and State Management on Cloud 

“Customer Engagement and Retention
Serverless Client Engagement System 
Enabling Quick Contact with Azure Tables 
Email Integration with PaaS 
Customer Orders and Requests 
Automating FAQs with Azure QnA 
Azure Functions or Azure Logic Apps 

“Authentication as a Service
Authentication on the Internet 
Azure AD for Identity Services 
One Click Identity Solution for PaaS 
Managing and Inviting Contributors 
Azure AD Native Support 

“Automation and DevOps
Understanding Infrastructure as Code (IaC) 
Azure Resource Manager for IaC 
ARM Template for Deployment 
Generating Templates for Existing Resources 
Azure DevOps Automation 
Securing a Template File 

“Traffic and Load Management
Load Balancers and Network Security 
Traffic Manager Overview 
Load Balancing with Traffic Manager 
High Availability and Disaster Recovery 
Usage and Insights 

“Site Analytics and Monitoring
Monitoring Azure Resources with Azure Monitor 
Application Insights Overview 
Monitoring App Service 
Application Insights Dashboard 
Generating Reports with Power BI 
Reviewing Site Metrics with Machine Learning 
Course Summary