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What you’ll learn
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Longest & Indepth Course for Terraform , Real project labs dealing with highly available and scalable AWS resources including Loadbalancer , Autoscaling Groups
Serverless AWS servies – Lambda , API Gateway
Create VPC , Public and Private Subnets , Security Groups . NAT/Route Tables , Internet Gateways
AWS and Terraform Best Practices

“Introduction to Course
About the Course and myself

“Setting up the Environment
Course Resources
Installing Terraform
Installing IDE
Configure SSH for remote access AWS EC2 instances – from LINUX and MAC
Configure SSH for remote access AWS EC2 instances – from WINDOWS

“Introduction to AWS
Create your AWS Account
Create User and Access Keys
Setting up AWS Budget

“Introduction to Terraform
Terraform Overview

Introduction to EC2
EC2 – AWS Console Lab
EC2 – Terraform Lab

“S3 Bucket and EIP(ElasticIP)
Introduction to S3
Introduction to DynamoDB
EIP – AWS Console Lab
EIP – Terraform Lab

“Terraform Features – Deep Dive

“VPC-EC2 Project
VPC Subnet OverView
Project Introduction
Implement Security Group , InternetGateway
Implement Subnet , NAT Gateway
Implement Route Table
Implement EC2 Instances
Project Refractoring

“BackEnd – FrontEnd Project

“LoadBalancer AutoScaling Project
Introduction to Project
Application Load Balancer (ALB) – AWS Console Lab
Application Load Balancer (ALB) – Terraform Lab
AWS AutoScaling – Introduction
AWS AutoScaling – AWS Console Lab
AWS AutoScaling – Terraform Lab

AWS Serverless – Lambda , APIGateway, CloudWatch
Introduction to Serverless
Introduction to Lambda
Introduction to CloudWatch
Lambda – AWS Console Lab
Lambda – Terraform Lab
Introduction to APIGateway
APIGateway – AWS Console Lab
APIGateway – Terraform Lab

Best Practices with AWS and Terraform
AWS CLI Installation and AWS Key Storage – Secure Way 
Terraform Remote State Storage with Locking Feature

Whats next