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What you’ll learn
What is Cloud Computing and AWS Essential Services
Networking on cloud, building secure infrastructure with Virtual Private Cloud
Setting up users and roles, definiing access policies using IAM
Launching and operating servers on cloud with EC2
Leveraging managed database services with RDS
Setting up highly available, redundant and scalable storage with S3
Dynamically provisioning capacity with Autoscaling and ELBs
Auxiliary services such as Cloudformation, SES, SNS etc.

“Introduction to Cloud Computing
The Cloud Story – Evolution of Cloud
Benefits of Cloud
Types of Cloud
Cloud and Devops

“AWS Overview
Compute Services
Storage Services
Database Services
Networking and Administration

“Environment Setup
Create Free Tier Account
A quick tour of AWS Console

IAM key Concepts
Enabling Multi Factor Authentication
Creating Users and Groups
Defining IAM Policies

Essentials of TCP/IP
Protocols and Commons Services
Network Utilities for a Debugger

Overview of VPC
VPC Subnets
Internet Gateway, NAT, ENI, Elastic IP
Securing VPCs with NACL and Security Groups, Connectivity
Creating a VPC with a Wizard
Creating Additional Public and Private Subnets

Regions and Availability Zones
Instances and Types
Amazon Machine Images and Network Configs
Storage and Security
Creating security groups and keypairs , preparing to launch
Launching your first EC2 Instance
Conneting to EC2 Instance with SSH Key
Creating a Amazon Machine Image

RDS Key Concepts
Preparing to Launch RDS – Creating Security and Subnet Groups
Launching RDS with MySQL
Connecting to RDS
Additional RDS Operations – Parameter Groups, Snapshots, Recovery

S3 Key Concepts
Creating S3 bucket and adding files to it
Hosting a Static Site with S3
S3 Properties, Versioning Objects
Archiving to Glacier
Using S3 to offload static content for WordPress

Cloudwatch Core Concepts
Tour of Cloudwatch Console, Create a billing Alarm

Auto Scaling
Why and how of Auto Scaling
Setup Elastic Load Balancer
Create Launch Configuration
Defining Auto Scaling Group Configurations
Dynamically provisioning capacity with Scaling Policies
Demo of automatic scaling out and in
Scheduled Actions

Additional Services
Devops Services
Cloudformation Overview
Additional AWS Services
Content Delivery with Cloudfront – Core Concepts

Architecture Center
Architectural Best Practices