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What you’ll learn
Will get AWS Videos in simple language with Practicals and exam questions for Certification practice of AWS SAA
You will be able to manage your IT Infrasture such as Servers, Webstites etc. very easily with cost effective way.
Setting up your Virtual Servers like Windows / Linux in easy and effective way
Host your websites in AWS Servers with benefit of Load Balancer and Auto Scaling
Host your email solutions for your organization or for your company in few clicks
Monitor your Servers, Databases, Websites and all other Application Services
Setup Word Press Server, LAMP Stack, Active Directory Environmnet in few clicks
Setup and attach Databases such as SQL Server, MY SQL, Oracle, Dynamo DB etc…
Estimate the Cost of the AWS Services and tentative cost of an Solution
Best Practices which we should follow to setup an AWS Infra Setup

“Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing
Course Introduction 
Warm Welcome to this Amazing Course 
How to setup your Free Tier account in AWS 
What is Cloud Computing all About 
Introduction to AWS and its Services
AWS Global Architecture (Regions, Availability Zones, Edge Locations)

“EC2 – Manage your Virtual Servers, Host your Website
How to Launch your first Linux Server (EC2 Instance) in AWS 
How to host a website in Ubuntu Server 
How to Launch Windows Server 
Security Group, Placement Group, Key Pair, Volumes, Snapshot and AMI
How to create an AMI of an EC2 Instance
How to do Backup / Restore of an EC2 instance (Snapshot A must know) 

“EC2 – Load Balancing and Auto Scaling (Apply in Websites and Applications)
What is Load Balancer and Auto Scaling in AWS
Load Balancer Lab 
Auto Scaling Lab 

“EBS – How Storage works for Servers
What is EBS and how to use it in AWS
How to Add / Remove a Disk/Volume Disk in a Server 
How to increase the size of a Disk/Volume of a Server 

“Route 53 – Host and Manage your website and Applications
AWS Route 53 Service Overview 
How to register a domain via Route53 
How to map your custom Domain or Website with EC2 instance 
How to attach Load Balancer URL with your Domain

“S3 – Storage Solution in AWS (Manage your large Files in Cloud)
S3 – Important Topics and Exam Tips 
How to create S3 Bucket and its options (Lab) 
How Versioning Works in S3 
S3 – Crosss Region Replication (Lab) 
How to apply S3 Bucket policy
S3 – Lab for Life Cycle Rules 
S3 – How to Store a Static Website in AWS 
S3 – Transfer Accleration 
Introduction to AWS IAM 

“IAM – Manage your AWS Resouorces with Correct Access
AWS IAM – What is Policies and why this is Important 
AWS IAM – Create Users, Group and how to assign policies to them 
AWS IAM – What is Role and how it works 
AWS IAM – User Login Demo
AWS IAM – Account Policy, credential report and Identity providers
AWS CLI – How to connect AWS via CLI

“VPC – Create your Organization Isolated Network in AWS
Introduction to VPC and their Important Terms 
Create your first VPC using Wizard 
Setup your VPC, Subnet, Route Table and Internet Gateway manually 
Create your Nat Gateway for Internet Connectivity to Private Instance 
Launch and Test EC2 instances in Public and Private Subnet 
Security Groups and Network ACL 
VPC Peering 

“RDS, Dynamo DB, Elasti Cache – Database Services in AWS
RDS – Create an MySQL RDS Instance 
Dynamo DB Service (Information and Demo)
Elasticache (Database Cache Server in AWS) (Demo)

“Application Services in AWS
Introduction to Cloud Formation (Lab) 
AWS Cloud Front (Lab) 
SNS (Simple Notification Service) – Demo 
SES (Simple Email Service) – Marketing tool in AWS 

AWS – Keep low cost of Resources – Best Practices (Must Watch)
How to choose AWS EC2 Instance – On Demand, Spot or Reserved 
How to Use AWS Calculator