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What you’ll learn
Apply systems thinking, deployment strategies, and feedback loops to move fast like Google and Netflix
Maximize the throughput of your organization by applying the CAMS model
Examine which cultural elements create a high-performing IT organization
Master agile infrastructures with configuration management
Learn high-quality and rapid delivery of software with Continuous Delivery
Learn how monitoring can help you outrun the competition
Learn how breaking down silos helps everyone go faster
Tying it all together, learn how to spread the DevOps paradigm beyond just Dev and Ops

“What is DevOps?
The Course Overview 
Is DevOps for Me? 
The First Way “ Systems Thinking 
The Second Way “ Feedback Loops 
The Third Way “ Culture of Experimentation 
The Principle of Kaizen

“The CAMS model “ DevOps Thinking
CAMS “ Culture 
CAMS “ Automation 
CAMS “ Measurement 
CAMS “ Sharing 

“Establishing a DevOps Culture
Traditional Versus DevOps SDLC 
Service Ownership 
Hack Events 
Destructive Testing 
Cross-Functional Teams 

“Automation “ Configuration Management
Why Automate? 
Configuration Management with SaltStack 
Configuration Management for Distributed Systems 
What about Containers? 
Building and Running a Docker Container 

“Automation “ Continuous Delivery
What is Continuous Delivery? 
Your First Test Environment 
Configuring and Launching with Vagrant 
Testing with Serverspec 
Am I Ready for Production? 

Measurement Concepts 
A Tour of Graphite 
Getting Your Data into Graphite 
Monitoring Agent Examples 
Actionable Data 

Learning Reviews 
Other Sharing Tools 

“Where Do I Go From Here?
Security/Quality Engineering 
Sales, Marketing, and Beyond 
Becoming a Learning Organization